In 2017, over 1100 high school students participated in the Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camp program taking on the primary care for over 600 children with special needs. The families of these children are given an extremely rare opportunity to access a few days of respite, absolutely free of charge.

Congratulations and thank you to the communities that support the following camps year on year.  A number of our camps are celebrating impressive camp milestones this year; St. Ignatius Sony Camp – 20th anniversary, Abbotsleigh Knox Sony Camp – 10th anniversary and the Marist Ashgrove Sony Camp 15th anniversary.

These camps have a far reaching and life changing impact on all involved;

Being involved in the camp allowed me to gain valuable experiences and life skills, such as tolerance and patience, communicating effectively, being empathetic and having a greater appreciation of my own health and wellbeing. It also gave me a much greater understanding to see how these children with challenges have so much to offer to our world and need to be appreciated, as they are just normal children.

Toowoomba Grammar Sony School Companion

I find it difficult to put into words the appreciation I have to all those involved in the camp. When I picked my son up today, I could see just how comfortable he was and how thoroughly he enjoyed his time. Thank you all so much for the effort everyone put in.

Parent of Mackay Sony Camp child

Whilst it seems an obvious gesture, the gravity of a couple of teenage boys taking an interest in another teenager with autism was huge.  I really hope that through programs like this camp, more people will be able to have the skills, the understanding and the resilience to cope in the event that they are blessed as parents with a special child.

Parent of Marist Ashgrove Sony Camp child

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