Nikhil Autar,
“One thing cancer has taught me is that you’ll always have a second way of looking at things. It may not be easy to see right away, you may need someone else’s eyes to help you do it, but it you take a step back, allow yourself to be human, and then question all your doubts and fears, the only logical – as opposed to brave or strong or willpower requiring path going forwards – is the one that leaves you happiest and healthiest.”

Anastasia Attia,
“People going through cancer need all the support and comfort they can get, and as much reassurance that everything is and will be okay as possible. As this is a difficult journey, let them know you’ll always be there for them and that you love them so much.”

Jacqui Freestone,
“Life truly is a gift. Cancer just highlights that realisation even more.”

Jess Van Zeil
“My journey with cancer has changed my perspective; I now see the joy in everyday, the beauty in everyone and I know I have the strength to face anything”

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