Youth Off The Streets

Sony Foundation’s philosophy is one of engaged philanthropy and nowhere is this more evident than in our relationship with Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets (YOTS). Sony Foundation’s partnership with YOTS involves a substantial donation which funds a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, a full time psychologist and Get Reel – a drug and alcohol education program for schools.

In addition to these services, Sony Foundation also provides opportunities and experiences for young people who access YOTS services. Each year, Sony Foundation funds a scholarship for one young person to support further education, the Youth Off The Streets Food Van that goes out every night providing a hot meal for the homeless and also youth worker positions.

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Fast Facts

  • Sony Foundation is the Principal Supporter of Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets (YOTS)
  • YOTS works tireless to provide services to assist homeless and disadvantaged youth
  • Sony Foundation’s Corporate Partners are heavily involved in a number of volunteer programs with YOTS
  • Over the past decade, Sony Foundation has donated more than $1.5 million to YOTS