Frequent question: What county in Texas has the highest cancer rate?


What cities are in the Texas cancer Belt?

The four counties that make up metropolitan Houston (Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, and Montgomery) and the two that make up the Golden Triangle (Jefferson and Orange) have some of the highest rates of cancer death in the state.

Where is the cancer belt?

Cancer is more prevalent in the South, and death rates, especially among African-Americans, are alarmingly high. Cancer researchers have their own name for the Southern region of the United States – The Cancer Belt.

What is the cancer rate in Texas?

Texas Department of State Health Services, 2020. In 2020, an estimated 127,131 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in Texas (61,821 in females, and 65,310 in males). The most common cancers are breast, lung & bronchus, prostate, and colon & rectum, which make up about 47 percent of all cancer diagnoses.

What city has highest cancer rate?

Most Cancer-Prone City #1: Corpus Christi, TX.

What county has the highest cancer rate?

Population figures listed are taken from 2019 Census Bureau estimates.

  • Carroll County, Kentucky. Population: 10,631. …
  • Owsley County, Kentucky. Population: 4,415. …
  • Polk County, Texas. Population: 51,353. …
  • Monroe County, Kentucky. …
  • Towns County, Georgia. …
  • Carter County, Kentucky. …
  • Pickens County, Georgia. …
  • Lawrence County, Kentucky.
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What US state has the most cancer?

The states with the highest incidence rates for cancer are Kentucky, Rhode Island, Delaware, Louisiana and New Jersey. The states with the lowest rates are New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Alaska and Virginia. Incidence rates can vary widely. The difference between Kentucky and New Mexico, for example, is 193 cases.

Which state has highest cancer cases?

This statistic represents crude incidence rate of cancer across India in 2016, by state. During the measured time period, Kerala had the highest crude incidence rate of cancer at 135.3 incidences for every 100,000 inhabitants.

What state in the United States has the lowest cancer rate?

U.S. states with the lowest cancer incidence rates in 2017 (per 100,000 population)*

Characteristic Cancer incidence per 100,000 population
Texas 410.8
Wyoming 412
Alaska 412.9
Virginia 415.5

Do petrochemical plants cause cancer?

Residential exposure to petrochemicals is considered a possible cause of lung cancer for the nearby population, but results are inconsistent across previous studies.