How does HER2 cause cancer?

Why does the over expression of the HER2 gene cause cancer?

Extra copies of the ERBB2 (HER2) gene (gene amplification) have been found in a number of different cancers. This causes the cancer cells to make excess HER2 (overexpression), which in turn, tells the cells to grow and divide in an uncontrolled manner.

What does HER2 do in the body?

HER2 is found in all human cells. It controls cell growth and repair. High levels of HER2 are found in some types of breast, oesophageal and stomach cancer, which helps the cancer cells grow and survive. These are known as HER2 positive cancers.

What causes HER2 to mutate?

HER2-positive breast cancer is not inherited. Instead, it’s considered a somatic genetic mutation. This type of mutation occurs after conception.

Is HER2 positive or negative Better?

Is HER2-positive breast cancer good or bad? HER2-positive cancer tends to be poorer in terms of prognosis than HER2-negative cancer because: It grows faster. It is more likely to spread to the lymph nodes fast.

Is HER2 positive breast cancer a death sentence?

Current treatment algorithms for invasive HER2-positive disease has transformed the face of a disease with a death sentence to one with prolonged and overall survival benefit.

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Does HER2 positive mean chemotherapy?

Because HER2-positive cancer is considered more aggressive than HER2-negative breast cancer, it is usually treated with chemotherapy after surgery to reduce recurrence risk.

Do you lose hair with Herceptin?

Answer: No, hair loss is not a common side effect of trastuzumab. If you are receiving trastuzumab in combination with chemotherapy, you may experience hair loss due to the chemotherapy.

Does Herceptin cause weight gain?

Symptoms to watch for include swelling of the ankles or legs, shortness of breath, cough, or weight gain of more than 5 pounds in less than 24 hours. Contact your doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms.

Where is HER2 found?

The HER2 receptor is a 1255 amino acid, 185 kD transmembrane glycoprotein located at the long arm of human chromosome 17 (17q12) [6]. HER2 is expressed in many tissues and its major role in these tissues is to facilitate excessive/uncontrolled cell growth and tumorigenesis [7–9].

Is HER2 a gene or protein?

HER2 stands for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. It is a gene that makes a protein found on the surface of all breast cells. It is involved in normal cell growth.

What cancers are HER2 positive?

Cancers that may be HER2 positive include breast, bladder, pancreatic, ovarian, and stomach cancers. Also called c-erbB-2 positive and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 positive.