What do I do if my child has cancer?

What do you do when your child is diagnosed with cancer?

Take time to read through information the treatment team gives you in a quiet space. Ask for help in getting second opinions. Ask the medical team to focus on teaching you what you need to know to care for your child at home. If your child is in the hospital, ask about classes for parents of children with cancer.

How can I help my daughter with cancer?

Establish good and open communication early on – talk about what is happening. Work out with your son/daughter what you can offer in forms of help. Acknowledge their feelings and your own. However, it may also be a time for portraying less panic than you may be feeling, as that may influence how your children cope too.

What happens when a child has cancer?

You are likely to experience a wide range of emotions from the time your child is diagnosed with cancer, throughout treatment and beyond. These emotions may include shock, denial, fear, anger, guilt and sadness. You may feel that life for your child and family will never be the same. Allow yourself to feel sad.

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Why has my child got cancer?

In children, a genetic condition, such as Down syndrome, can sometimes increase the risk of cancer. Kids who have had chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer are more likely to get cancer again. But most cases of childhood cancer happen because of random mutations (changes) in the genes of growing cells.

Are Cancer good parents?

A sense of belonging

As a Cancer parent, you’re probably very hands-on in raising your children. You enjoy and learn from every miraculous moment of pregnancy, birth and your child’s growth. You’re loving, protective, sensitive and compassionate.

How do I tell my child he has cancer?

Tips for Talking About the Cancer

  1. Keep your child’s age in mind. …
  2. Encourage your child to ask questions. …
  3. Know your child may be afraid to ask some questions. …
  4. Keep in mind that your child may have heard things about cancer from other sources, such as TV, the movies, or other kids. …
  5. Ask for help.

How do you counsel parents whose child has cancer?

When a parent has cancer: Helping teens and kids cope

  • Say that it’s cancer.
  • Tell your kids, “You didn’t cause it. You can’t catch it. You can’t control it.”
  • Also, tell your kids that you can still spend quality time together, participate in care, still be a kid, have fun, etc.

How does childhood cancer affect parents?

Children with cancer can experience decreased physical, emotional, and social health‐related quality of life (HRQoL) compared to healthy children 1. Poor family functioning in children with cancer has been shown to negatively influence a child’s HRQoL and impair their ability to properly adjust 2, 3.

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What can you do for a child going through chemo?

If you’re looking to brighten a child’s day with a gift, here are a few suggestions and words of advice.

  • Gift cards. You may think a child would find a gift card to be a boring present – however, this can actually be a great distraction. …
  • Socks or slippers. …
  • Pajamas or other cozy clothes. …
  • Games or activities.