Your question: Can you survive extensive small cell lung cancer?

Is extensive small cell lung cancer terminal?

People with small-cell lung cancer in the advanced stage cannot be cured. They usually survive less than one year. Treatment may be moderately successful for people with limited-stage disease. However, even with limited-stage disease, the median survival time is less than two years.

Can extensive stage SCLC be cured?

There is no cure for extensive stage SCLC. However, doctors can use chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other treatments to prolong survival.

How often does small cell lung cancer spread to the brain?

20% of the patients with SCLC have detectable brain metastases, and the incidence of such metastases increases considerably during the course of disease, approaching 80% at 2 years.

How long can you live with advanced lung cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society (ASC), the overall five-year survival rate for distant stage lung cancer or stage IV NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer) is seven percent. This means 7 out of 100 people with stage IV NSCLC can survive for at least five years after their diagnosis.

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What is the most fatal type of lung cancer?

SCLC is the most aggressive form of lung cancer.

How long does it take small cell lung cancer to spread?

Research has shown that SCLC has a doubling time in the range of 25–217 days. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) defines the doubling time as “the amount of time it takes for one cell to divide or for a group of cells, such as a tumor, to double in size.”

What is the difference between limited and extensive small cell lung cancer?

Limited versus extensive stage

For limited stage cancer, a person might benefit from more aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy combined with radiation therapy to try to cure the cancer. For extensive stage disease, chemotherapy alone is likely to be a better option to control (not cure) the cancer.

What is extensive SCLC?

Extensive stage SCLC means your cancer has spread far from the tumor. There is no cure for this type of cancer, but treatment is available to help manage symptoms and prolong your life. Your doctor will recommend a treatment plan based on your diagnosis and overall health.

What is extensive stage SCLC?

Extensive stage is used to describe SCLC that has spread to other parts of the body such as the opposite lung, bone, brain, or bone marrow. Many doctors consider SCLC that has spread to the fluid around the lung to be extensive stage as well.

What is extensive disease?

Extensive disease means that the cancer has spread beyond a single area that can be treated with radiotherapy. It might have spread: within the chest (either to the other lung or to lymph nodes further away from the cancer) or to other parts of your body.

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