Why is cancer research vital to a society?

Why cancer research is important and who can benefit from it?

When patients participate in clinical trials, they help add to our knowledge about cancer and improve cancer care for future patients. Clinical trials can help researchers find new ways to prevent and detect cancer, and they can also help improve the quality of life for patients during and after treatment.

How does cancer care impact our society?

Cancer and its treatment result in the loss of economic resources and opportunities for patients, families, employers, and society overall. These losses include financial loss, morbidity, reduced quality of life, and premature death.

What is the purpose of cancer research?

Its aim is to reduce the number of deaths from cancer. As the world’s largest independent cancer research charity it conducts research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

What are the advantages of cancer research?

In addition to possibly finding better or more effective treatments, the information collected during your trial provides valuable information about cancer. This information helps researchers better understand different cancer types and can possibly save lives in the future.

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What are the social factors of cancer?

Social factors in Cancer Etiology. Social class may show a gradient for factors such as education, housing, income and occupation. Stomach and cervical cancers are higher in lower socioeconomic groups, as is lung cancer.

What is the economic importance of cancer?

Cancer causes the highest economic loss of all of the 15 leading causes of death worldwide. The economic toll from cancer is nearly 20 percent higher than heart disease, the second leading cause of economic loss ($895 billion and $753 billion, respectively).

What are some impacts of cancer?

Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

  • Anemia.
  • Appetite Loss.
  • Bleeding and Bruising (Thrombocytopenia)
  • Constipation.
  • Delirium.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Edema (Swelling)
  • Fatigue.

What is the importance of cancer?

Cancer is the second leading cause of death among Americans. In the year 2000 alone, an estimated 552,200 Americans died of cancer. This amounts to more than 1,500 people a day. Each year, cancer costs our nation an estimated $107 billion in health care expenditures and lost productivity from illness and death.

Why is cancer prevention important?

Prevention programs are an important part of the effort to control cancer, as they are able to reduce both the incidence of cancer and mortality. For instance, screening for colorectal, breast and cervical cancer is reducing the burden of these common tumors.

What services do cancer research provide?


  • Clinical Development. We aim to bring breakthrough therapeutics to cancer patients sooner through initiatives such as Clinical Development Partnerships. …
  • Imaging. We’ve expanded our licensing portfolio in imaging and diagnostics, one of the most effective means of detecting cancer. …
  • Funding.
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